IFS certified

IFS certified

CBG is highly committed to quality and food safety.
We want every consumer to be able to safely enjoy our delicious products and brands.

Charlier-Brabo Group had opted for two IFS certificates, the certificate for  IFS Broker and IFS Logistics.

IFS Standards (International Food Standards) help to comply with all legal food and non-food safety and quality requirements and give common and transparent standards to all concerned suppliers and service providers as well as a concrete and strong answer to the high safety and quality expectations of customers.

We are proud to announce that CBG has obtained the two certificates.

IFS Broker
IFS Broker was created to ensure the safety and quality of products filling the gap between production and distribution. Trading partners expect broker, agents, and importers to communicate their product requirements to manufacturers and that these specifications will be understood and implemented. The standard checks the engaged parties to ensure that they have implemented appropriate measures in their service so that their suppliers operate in accordance with product safety and quality requirements.

IFS Logistics
IFS Logistics is a standard for auditing all logistics activities for food and non-food products, such as transport, storage, distribution, loading and unloading, etc. It applies to all types of activities also including delivery by road, rail or ship, of frozen/refrigerated products or such products without cooling.
IFS Logistics demands as a basis a documented and efficient HACCP and quality management system and has additional requirements to management responsibility, resource management, logistic processes, staff hygiene, measurements and analyses.

For more information, please consult : http://www.ifs-certification.com.