2 New logos on ELVEA packaging

2 New logos on ELVEA packaging

100% Pomodoro Italiano

This logo guarantees that only 100% Italian tomatoes are used in our products. 

It is the always radiant Italian sun combined with the rich Italian soil that maximises all the flavours of the tomatoes.

Tasty and easy, the tomato is low in calories and rich in nutrients.


(Red) tomatoes obtain their colour from a bright red pigment, lycopene.  This pigment is also present in other red fruit, such as watermelon, and is also processed in other products to give them their red colour. Extra added lycopene is mentioned on labels under the E-number E160d.
Tomatoes do not only thank their blushing appearance to the use of lycopene, but also to one of their healthy qualities. Lycopene also works as an antioxidant in your body. Antioxidants prevent damage to your body cells and help to prevent cancer and heart- and vascular diseases on the long term.
Studies have shown that lycopene also protects against prostate cancer. 
Thanks to their lycopene, tomatoes can protect the skin against sunburn and  can act as anti- aging of the skin caused by exposure to sunlight.
Prepared tomatoes, used in tomato soup or –juice, contain the highest level of lycopene. Tomato ketchup also contains a lot of  lycopene, but unfortunately also a lot of sugar.