Elvea in 2019 = 100% natural + 100% transparent

Elvea in 2019 = 100% natural + 100% transparent

Since 1 January 2019 all Elvea packaging feature more information.
In addition to the Nutri-Score, a FreeFrom.iDcard reflects the natural origin of the ingredients. 

100% naturale
The entire Elvea range has been 100% Naturale since it was founded in 1885.This means that all Elvea products are completely free of preservatives, artificial additives, colourings and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). In addition, the entire range is gluten and lactose-free, as well as suitable for a vegan diet!

100% transparency
As a pure, authentic and healthy brand, Elvea is committed to communicating this 100% natural message to consumers in a transparent manner. For example, the products will also feature a nutri-score. This scoring system, which was introduced in France in 2016 and came into force as a guideline in Belgium in August 2018, makes it easy for consumers to recognize healthy products at a glance. The score of the product is represented by five letters and corresponding colours from A (the best score with a green colour) to E (the worst score with a red color). 44 of the 45 products in the Elvea range have a nutri-score of A (= suitable for daily use in a balanced and healthy diet).

Only the Pomo e Legumi was awarded a score of C.
Target Chicken wins iTQi Award

Target Chicken wins iTQi Award

The International Taste & Quality Institute - iTQi - based in Brussels, is the world leading organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior food and drinks.

Judges were selected within the 15 most prestigious European culinary and sommeliers associations.

Target Chicken was tested by the iTQi and was rewarded by the Superior Taste Award and a score of 83,8/100.

The Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition based upon the blind judgment of Chefs and Sommeliers who are opinion leaders and experts in taste. It offers powerful marketing tools to differentiate food products and beverages.