Elvea brings trust to your dinner guests

Elvea brings trust to your dinner guests

One of Elvea's core values is: "The most precious moments are spent at dinner with family and friends". Elvea would like to continue spreading that love of good food, which is brought to the table every day in so many families.

For this reason, Elvea has transformed its beloved Passata into a large format of 2500g, specifically intended for food service.

Elvea Gran Cucina Passata is just like all other Elvea products 'cento per cento naturale', 100% Natural and contains no added sugars.

Furthermore, 4.25 kg of fresh tomatoes are needed to obtain 2550 g of passata.

Market research has shown that Belgian families prefer Elvea to prepare delicious tomato-based meals for their family and friends. So, starting today, the food service sector can also pass on this love through "Elvea Gran Cucina Passata" to their hospitality partners.

Another core value of Elvea is being consistent in its actions. It’s not because a product is available in a larger format that the quality is therefore of lesser value. From 70g to 10Kg, the largest format of the Gran Cucina range, Elvea ensures that every pack contains the same quality.

For more inquiries, contact ben.gastmans@cbg.be.
Cook healthy in a second thanks to the new,100% natural pasta sauces from Elvea

Cook healthy in a second thanks to the new,100% natural pasta sauces from Elvea

Elvea makes your life a lot easier by offering you three ready-to-eat pasta sauces, which

- are 100% natural: they contain no preservatives, added sugars, flavor enhancers or coloring. Moreover, they are gluten-free and vegan.
- have a nutri-score A: the healthiest pasta sauces you can find in the stores.

Pasta sauce Tradizionale, Basilico or Arrabbiata, which one do you prefer?
Stay Strong

Stay Strong

Elvea presents its BIO range

Elvea presents its BIO range

Introducing the ELVEA BIO* range, with Bio Passata (sieved tomatoes) and Bio Cubes. Through organic farming, ELVEA can now strive even more towards sustainability and healthy nutrition.

Like all other ELVEA products, Bio Passata & Bio Cubes are 100% natural: free of preservatives, artificial additives, dyes and GMOs (genetically modified components).
The full range is also gluten- and lactose-free as well as vegan-friendly. Moreover, Elvea BIO Passata & Cubes contain no added sugars or salt.

ELVEA passata BIO is available in 340g bottles.
ELVEA cubes BIO are available in 2 x 400g packages.
These practical formats are specially tailored to the needs of today's consumers and their families.

The first products within the organic range are already available in your retail point of sales (Carrefour, Delhaize, Makro and Match).