CBG, a rich experience since 1945

The Charlier-Brabo Group N.V. (in short C.B.G.) is a commercial family company selling and marketing FOOD products.
The current group originated in 1985 from a merger between a number of companies, all established by founder Georges Charlier since 1945.
In 2012, under the leadership of Raymond Charlier, Managing Director and nephew of the founder, the activities of the company Bisschops-Verachter was taken over and merged with C.B.G.
The group consists of 70 employees and has a turnover of over 80 million euros.
Raymond Charlier tells us that Georges Charlier had a very thorough approach for the creation of each new company, always striving to be the market leader and exclusive distributor of branded products in all activities, an approach that lives on today.
C.B.G. boasts ultra-modern warehouses and 20,000m2 of offices in Aartselaar, between Brussels and Antwerp. It also has appropriate equipment for promotional packaging and repackaging, as well as its own fleet.
Thanks to our knowledge and approach at all different market levels, we ensure growth for all our partners and their brands.